At about 25 km from the house you’ll find the ‘small’ town of Girona which has a great historical value. Through the very well preserved Jewish Call, we enter the medieval town with el Barri Vell surrounded by the Carolingian walls, the Cathedral, the Arabic Baths… It’s wide range of monuments, museums, as well as boutiques, shops and small restaurants make of Girona a worthwhile destiny at about any time of the day. [+ info]


At 125 kms almost unavoidable, lays Barcelona,the capital of Catalonia. Discover Modernism and Gaudí’s work, the Rambles, the Gothic Quarter, the harbour and city’s beaches… Barcelona is a splendid but friendly Mediterranean city, one visit will just not be enough to see and enjoy all of it. Be cosmopolitan and take a try! [+ info]

Dalí Route

The so called “Dalí Triangle” or “Dali Route”, unites Figueres Teatre-Museum with theCastel-House Museumat Púbol and the House-Museum at Port Lligat near Cadaqués. In these 3 places you will discover the keys to interpretation of the works of this outstanding catalan artist; Salvador Dali. [+ info]

Archaeological Site of Empúries

Empúries is the only archaeological site in the Iberian Peninsula which hosts the remains of a Greek city, -the colonial enclave Empòrion- the remains of a Roman city, -founded in the early first century BC on the structures of a Roman military camp installed during the previous century. [+ info]


The Iberian village Puig de Sant Andreu is the largest in Catalonia, and is considered real city. It was the capital of the Iberian tribe of Indigetes. [+ info]

La Bisbal

It”s origin should be traced back to the Roman villa of Fontanetum. Later called Fontanet until he received its present name La Bisbal, mentioned like this in documents since 1019, after it surrendered to the bishop of Girona during the Carolingian domination. La Bisbal is nowadays famous for it”s traditional pottery industry. [+ info]

Sant Pere de Rodes

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes was a Benedictine abbey in the old county of Empúries, within the diocese of Girona, located in the town of Port de laSelva (Alt Empordà). We do not know the true origin of this monastery, which has been the subject of legends and tales in the past; such as that it was founded by monks who landed in the area with the remains of St. Peter. [+ info]

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